The only flexible plug-and-play api solution

Direct connect sits as a natural extension to the other Connect Products, this contains our ever expanding catalogue of API connector that makes setting up the integration a plug and play experience.

For each API connector we supply a suggested mapping template that can be loaded, but all API connections are fully remappable without doing any kind of developments.

Direct Connect also provides a central monitoring hub, where you can monitor the messages being sent as well as the data that’s being transferred from your external applications.

Should you need to integrate with an application that’s not already in our catalogue then we will add this free of charge.

Typical challenges with integrations

  • Enables rapid deployment and configuration of API connections
  • Expanding catalogue of API connectors driven by real client demand
  • Plug and play with API connections in catalougue
  • Access to full API catalogue for all Connect Products

Built for the Connect Product Suite

Direct Connect is the beating heart of the product suite, providing plug-and-play API connections and management allowing data to stream automated into the other connect modules. Where you are in full control of how the raw data is processed inside Dynamics 365

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