Bob is a people management platform that helps fast-growing companies attract, excite, and retain their people through data-driven HR tools.

With Bob, managers, C suite and teams alike view people as more than just numbers or ID cards, so decisions made about them can be personalized and holistic.

Using Bob with HR Connect allows you to fully synchronise Microsoft D365 F&O. Making Onboarding easier and more cost efficient.

HR Connect automatically creates and updates worker records, project resources, system users, employee vendors and bank accounts.

Flexible integration

Integrate the way you want, we support integration with File, CDS, LogicApps, BizTalk and direct API.

Direct API is offered as a plug-and-play option using our Direct Connect add-in.


Fully configurable

All processing logic is controlled by parameters and all data is remappable, putting you in full control of how the data is processed.

One source of control

Everything is managed and monitored from within Dynamics 365, giving you one source to control and manage your integrations.

Employee maintenance

Fully automate maintenance of systems users, worker records, employment history, project resources, suppliers and bank accounts.

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