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HR Connect is the only truly flexible HR Connector on the market. It’s built to support integrations against multiple HR systems and fully automates handling employee data, it comes with a fully-fledged error management area, allowing for error handling and resolution to be handled inside D365.

The product allows you to process and manage the data the way you prefer it. It can handle manual import of csv files that’s parsed by the system, you can activate a direct API integration and everything in between.

Some of the functionality that’s included in the product is:


The role of HR is no longer about headcount and managing human capital. In today’s employment landscape, HR leaders need to

build a company culture that engages and retains employees and fosters comradery and commitment.

Managing employee engagement and

incentives at scale needs proper tools.

Retaining employees is not just about their salary packages today.

Employee satisfaction drops without the proper tools to manage engagement and incentives

Ideal Solution

An HCM Platform that supports the business in not only managing employees but also in engaging them, while fully synchronizing the data with D365 Finance & Operations

Engage better with your employees and

manage their incentive programs better.

Streamline your core HR processes

Centralize management of policies etc.

Standardized integration

Target Outcomes

Effectively manage human capital and all surrounding processes.

While ensuring that all necessary data is created and maintained automatically in the core D365 system.

Higher retention of employees

Increased employee satisfaction

Less time spent on administration

Reduced cost of integration

Verified solution providers

For verified solution providers, we provide full documentation including recommended mappings, on how to setup the expense system and Expense Connect in AX2012 & D365 Finance and Operations.

Other solution providers

For other solution providers, we provide documentation on how to setup Expense Connect in AX2012 & D365 Finance and Operations, however we cannot provide verified documentation for recommended setup in their platforms. But we are working hard at making this generally available.

Online demo recording

The first part of the demo recording shows how the HR Connect processes worker records, HiBob is used for this Demo. Second part of the demo gives an overview of some of the mappings and configurations in HR Connect.

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