Project Turn Around

When an ERP project starts to spiral out of control, it is imperative to quickly understand what is really going wrong and what needs to be done.

Moving in the right

Cancelling the project could lead to an immediate financial write-off that impacts shareholders, yet continuing to spend money does not make business sense. Instead, the right course of action is often to remain calm, stay the course, and tightly manage the project.

Your trusted advisor

The role of trusted advisor can take various forms. Typically, the need for such a role appears when a customer finds themselves in need of an independent partner who has a deep understanding of both the solution and the completion of successful implementation projects.

Our role can be anything from performing business and solution-oriented quality assurance to going through the customer-customized coding work for integrations and functionality.

Taking over responsibility for the ERP solution

We also have experience with taking over responsibility for the customer’s ERP solution for a period of time. We are proud and humbled by the fact that our customers trust us.

Digital Architect Group has, with great success for the customer, taken on the role of being responsible for the solution and taken charge of the maintenance and development of it using both Digital Architect Group own resources or those of other suppliers.

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